End of Year Top 10 Lists

2018 Top 10 Films

Like a fingerprint or snowflake, every end-of-year Top 10 list is as unique as the cinephile who conceives it. Rules for list creation vary greatly as well. Some choose to reward films based on pure technical merits, others select strictly on emotional connection, still others like to highlight lesser known achievements that deserve the much […]

2016 Top 10 Films

List by-Jarrett Leahy As the 2017 Academy Awards near, it’s time yet again for AmateurCinephile.com to release the site’s Top 10 list for the 2016 movie year. Every year, there are always films that unfortunately go unseen before the Top 10 posting, and this year is no different. But overall, I’m fairly comfortable with these […]

2015 Top 10 Films

List by-Jarrett Leahy I have finally had a free moment to finalize the AmateurCinephile.com Top 10 Movies list for 2015, and only a month later than I originally hoped to have had it posted. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve seen all the possible candidates from 2015, and I’m sure there will be one or two […]

2014 Top 10 Films

List by-Jarrett Leahy Another year in movies has come and gone, and with award season in full swing, it’s time to finally choose my Top 10 Films for 2014. For many movie fans/cinephiles, creating an end-of-year Best Of List is a diverting event in which hours are spent agonizing over which movies are worthy of […]

1994 Top 10 List: 20 Year Anniversary

While it’s great for a movie to make a critic or cinephile’s end of year Top 10 list, the true judge of a film’s greatness is whether a particular movie can hold its reputation over time and impress future movie fans for years to come. 1994 was quite the year for films, giving us a […]