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Ida (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Raised by nuns after being orphaned during the second World War, Anna is now a novitiate who is just weeks away from taking her final vows. However, before she is allowed to join the order, the Mother Superior informs her she must visit her only living relative, Aunt Wanda. Emotionally aloof, Wanda […]

St. Vincent (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy When Maggie, a recent divorcee, and her 12-year-old son, Oliver, move in next door to Vincent, a drunkard war veteran with a propensity for betting on the horses, Vincent’s inebriated existence gets thrown for a loop. Unaware of Vincent’s proclivity for life’s questionable comforts and desperate for babysitting help, Maggie agrees to […]

1994 Top 10 List: 20 Year Anniversary

While it’s great for a movie to make a critic or cinephile’s end of year Top 10 list, the true judge of a film’s greatness is whether a particular movie can hold its reputation over time and impress future movie fans for years to come. 1994 was quite the year for films, giving us a […]

3,000 Page Hits! Thanks for visiting

Today, hit 3,000 page hits and our country total has reached 69. We just want to thank our loyal visitors for continuing to stop by and checking out what’s new on the site. As Oscar season comes upon us, it’s my hope we can hit 4,000 views before the new year. Happy viewing everyone.-JL

Pride (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Years of tension between the National Union of Mineworkers and U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher boiled over in the spring of 1984. Inspired by their own skirmishes with authorities, a group of gay activists formed the “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners” program and began raising money in their neighborhood to help […]

Top 6 Lists: Jake Gyllenhaal

List by-Jarrett Leahy My appreciation for Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the most consistent actors in the business, continues to grow year after year. Over the last decade, Gyllenhaal has made one great film after another. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us with his new thriller, Nightcrawler, which hits theaters […]

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy After not talking to one another for over ten years, estranged twins Milo and Maggie reunite when Milo’s attempted suicide is thwarted. Sorrowful for their prolonged separation, Maggie invites her brother to come live her and her good-egg husband Lance. As these once close siblings begin to reconcile and share veiled frustrations, […]