Foreign Film Spotlight

Ida (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Raised by nuns after being orphaned during the second World War, Anna is now a novitiate who is just weeks away from taking her final vows. However, before she is allowed to join the order, the Mother Superior informs her she must visit her only living relative, Aunt Wanda. Emotionally aloof, Wanda […]

The Raid 2 (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy After barely escaping with his life following the first raid, rookie police officer Rama reluctantly agrees, in exchange for protection of his wife and family, to join a special police force charged with taking down the crime syndicates and corrupt officers plaguing the streets of Jakarta. Sent undercover in one of city’s […]

The Wind Rises (2013)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Ever since he was a young boy, Jiro had always dreamed of flying, but due to his bad eyesight, he knew that would never be a possibility. Instead, he studied everything he could get his hands on about airplane design, becoming one of Japan’s most gifted young engineering students. Upon graduation, Jiro, […]

The Broken Circle Breakdown (2013)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Elise is a singer and tattoo shop owner; Didier is a banjo player in a bluegrass band. After a chance encounter, the two become instantly enamored. As they discover a shared passion for all things American culture, especially its wonderful music, they plunge headlong into a whirlwind affair of passionate affection. However […]

The Attack (2013)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Amin Jaafari is an Arab Israeli physician working in Tel Aviv. The day after becoming the first Arab to be awarded a prestigious┬ámedical honor, Amin’s world is turned upside down when he discovers that his wife of 15 years was secretly involved in a horrific suicide attack in a crowded restaurant. Distraught, […]