Welcome to my “Steamers” section.  Despite making efforts to avoid watching bad movies, every year there are the inevitable films that just anger, disappoint, put you to sleep, or leave you scratching your head.  For those films, I have created this page to give them their rightful honor.  This page is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek warning about certain films.  If you happen to find one of your favorites listed here, I hope you understand that I’m not attacking you personally.  If you feel I should give a certain film a second chance, please feel free to post a well thought out response below trying to convince me.  Again, thanks for visiting my page and happy viewing.


dog-pooping (2)

2013 STEAMERSdog-pooping

dog-pooping (2)The English Teacher
dog-pooping (2)Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster
dog-pooping (2)Trance

dog-pooping (2)Upstream Color
dog-pooping (2)


dog-pooping (2)The Amazing Spider-Mandog-pooping
dog-pooping (2)Bel Ami
dog-pooping (2)Casa de mi Padre

dog-pooping (2)Hemingway & Gellhorn
dog-pooping (2)Hyde Park on the Hudson
dog-pooping (2)Liz & Dick
dog-pooping (2)Snow White and the Huntsman
dog-pooping (2)Trouble With The Curve
dog-pooping (2)


dog-pooping (2)Carnagedog-pooping
dog-pooping (2)Hall Pass
dog-pooping (2)Hanna
dog-pooping (2)Haywire
dog-pooping (2)Hysteria
dog-pooping (2)Larry Crowne
dog-pooping (2)Like Crazy
dog-pooping (2)Red Riding Hood
dog-pooping (2)The Rum Diary
dog-pooping (2)Seven Days in Utopia
dog-pooping (2)Take This Waltz
dog-pooping (2)X-Men: First Class
dog-pooping (2)Young Adult
dog-pooping (2)

2010 STEAMERSdog-pooping

dog-pooping (2)Chasing 3000
dog-pooping (2)Dinner For Schmucks
dog-pooping (2)Hereafter
dog-pooping (2)Knight and Day
dog-pooping (2)Robin Hood
dog-pooping (2)Skateland
dog-pooping (2)Waiting for Tomorrow
dog-pooping (2)

2 comments on “Steamers

  1. I see a few, Jarrett, that don’t seem to deserve the shitpile. When Roger Ebert would put one in his “Your Movie Sucks” list, they were Really Bad.

    • Haha, to which films do you refer to? I will say I only listed films I personally found to be awful, complete duds, mind numbingly boring. But if there are films you think I should give a second look at, feel free list them, and I’ll tell you my issues with the film.

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