543909_428436257222372_1156231955_n (2)Jarrett Leahy – Founder & Head Writer

A two-time graduate of New Mexico State University, Jarrett is an educator and former baseball coach in transition after the junior college where he worked recently closed.  A passionate film enthusiast and amateur critic, rarely is there a day when you won’t find him enjoying a movie or three.  His favorite cinema moment was getting to watch Inglourious Basterds in a Lancaster, CA theater with baseball legend Roger Clemens and his son Koby.  Jarrett created this site to share his adoration for the wonderful hobby and art form of cinema.  His favorite film is Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous (The Director’s Cut).
Twitter: @AmateurCinefile  Email: jceltics@yahoo.com Letterboxd: http://letterboxd.com/amateurcinefile/ Flickchart: http://www.flickchart.com/amateurcinephile

1374858_10202235252420597_698872034_n (2)Michelle Zenor – Editor & Contributing Writer

Michelle Zenor is an academic librarian and English instructor.  As a student at Southern Methodist University her favorite classes included Film History and Grammar, and many of her most cherished memories involve evenings spent at the Inwood Theatre.  She has a love of books, theatre, and the English language.  Her favorite movie is Roman Holiday, and she has a fondness for movie musicals…and Cary Grant.

37746_1321899086919_3333260_nJason Chandler Contributing Writer

Jason Chandler is a New Mexico State graduate, full-time Physical Education teacher, and part-time movie sparring partner to Jarrett Leahy. He is always open to passionate debate or civilized arguing, but believes, in the end, it’s whatever floats your cinematic boat. Jason has an affinity for Sam Peckinpah films and his major movie pet peeve is differentiating between “Best” movies and “Favorite” movies. FlickChart gives him nightmares. Once he took a selfie with Jack Palance and Jack told him to take it again because he blinked. His favorite movie is “The Godfather,” and his favorite movie scene is the diner scene with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino in “Heat.”
Twitter: @TheJC32   Flickchart:

7 comments on “Writers

  1. OK JL and MZ I am signed up…Thrill me…tlc

  2. Sent MZ email with link to site I get which has some interesting indie stuff…Never know if she still gets mail/e…Site called Snag Films FYI…

  3. ‘Pon your rec went to see The Drop yesterday…Reaffirmed Tom Hardy as someone whose movies are worth a look. Didn’t realize this was (?) Gandolfini’s last. LLA endured, I thoroughly enjoyed…Thanks for the rec.


    • Nice 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. I’m going to a 4:20pm showing of The Drop this afternoon, followed by going to Liberty Hall to see No No: The Dockumentary at 7pm (in case you’re interested in joining 😉

  4. Also, how are you watching God’s Pocket?

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