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The Rover (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Ten years after a global-wide economic collapse, lawlessness rules the rugged outback of the Australian wilderness. When a group of desperate outlaws crashes its truck while running from the authorities, they frantically steal the first car available. Unfortunately for them, the car they chose belongs to Eric, a hardened transient with his […]

Gone Girl (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy On the day of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne comes home to find his house in disarray and his wife missing. At first glance, Nick and Amy have an ideal marriage, but looks can be deceiving, and after inconsistencies begin to surface in Nick’s story, he finds himself under the growing […]

No No: A Dockumentary (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy In the psychedelic decade of the 1970’s, no athlete partied harder than Pittsburgh Pirates’ star pitcher Dock Ellis. An eccentric character with a propensity for illegal substances, Ellis’ career highlight was MLB’s most infamous no-hitter. Flamboyant and unapologetically forthright, Ellis was an outspoken advocate for the rights of players and African Americans, […]

Tomato Republic (2014)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy Jacksonville, TX is a sleepy little East Texas town located thirty miles south of Tyler, TX. Best known for their tomatoes (and what seems like the near constant rustle and moan of the freight trains that barrel through the center of town every hour, day and night), it would seem that Jacksonville […]