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1,000 Page Views!-Thank You For Your Continued Support

AmateurCinephile.com is only three months old, so milestones, even small ones, are moments I truly cherish. Thanks to you all out there coming to check out our postings, we just passed 1,000 page views. In internet numbers, 1,000 is a relatively small count, but for me it means so much.
page views
Through our host, I have access to an amazing amount of statistical breakdowns, including which countries the site’s readers are visiting from. It has been so cool over these last three months to see the array of locations grow. Currently AmateurCinephile has had visitors from SEVENTEEN countries on SIX continents. That just boggles my mind, you gotta love the internet.

Thank you again for your support. I hope you find this site entertaining and a bit helpful. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I always enjoy a great movie discussion. Here’s to another 1,000! Happy viewing…

Jarrett L.

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