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Proud to Welcome Two New Contributors!

Written by-Jarrett Leahy

1374858_10202235252420597_698872034_n (2)I am proud and excited to announce the addition of not one but two new contributing writers to AmateurCinephile.com. If you’ve been paying any attention to recent reviews, you’ll have noticed the recent inclusion at the bottom of the page, Edited by-Michelle Zenor. An English professor by trade, Michelle has an encyclopedic knowledge of the complicated world of English grammar, making her the perfect selection for the position of editor for AmateurCinephile. In addition, Michelle also is an extremely gifted writer with a shared love for the wonders of cinema, especially films from Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. I cherish her daily input about the site, and I look forward to reading her many future contributions.

37746_1321899086919_3333260_nMy second addition to the writing team is a very close friend and fellow cinephile, Jason Chandler. A Physical Education teacher in Las Cruces, NM, Jason has a true passion for movies and is not afraid to take chances on lesser known films. A connoisseur of the western genre, Jason has special fondness for the efforts of the late, great Sam Peckinpah.

The inclusion of these two very knowledgeable and passionate film lovers will help raise the quality of information shared on the site. I hope you will welcome them as you have welcomed me.-JL

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