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Movie Hall of Fame-Class of 2021!

List by Jarrett Leahy

Oscar weekend is upon us yet again, which means it is time to reveal the 8th annual AmateurCinephile.com Hall of Fame class of 2021. This year’s inductees include three first ballot Hall of Fame films, two Best Picture winners, three National Film Registry selections, a historic epic, a sports drama, a romance, a comedy drama, a crime mystery, and an action thriller. These six films bring our Hall of Fame total to 54.


Drive (2011) Metacritic’s #4 ranked film of 2011, Drive was named to over 40 Critics Top-10 lists including seven #1 spots. A sleek, stylish, and violent action thriller, Drive is the first of three 1st Ballot films of this year’s Hall of Fame class and the second film from the 2010’s to be inducted into the AmateurCinephile.com Hall of Fame.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) Nominated for five Academy awards, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was named to 11 Critics Top 10 lists including two #1 spots. The second 1st-Ballot film from 2011, Dragon Tattoo is the also the second Hall of Fame film for director David Fincher, joining the 2020 inductee The Social Network.

Moneyball (2011) Nominated for 6 Academy awards including Best Picture, Moneyball was named to 35 Critics end of year Top-10 lists including two #1 slots. The third 1st ballot film from 2011, Moneyball becomes the fourth movie from the 2010’s to be inducted into the AmateurCinephile.com Hall of Fame and the second film starring Brad Pitt, joining Class of 2019 inductee Inglourious Basterds.

Do The Right Thing (1989) A 1999 National Film Registry selection, Do The Right Thing was nominated for two Academy awards and four Golden Globes. Selected the Best film of 1989 by both Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, Do The Right Thing is the sixth Hall of Fame film from the 1980’s.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) One of the most beloved epics in cinematic history, Lawrence of Arabia won 7 Academy awards including the Best Picture of 1962. A 1991 National Film Registry selection, Lawrence of Arabia is the fourth film from the 1960’s to be chosen an AmateurCinephile.com Hall of Fame movie.

Marty (1955) A truly captivating and heartfelt love story, Marty was an 8-time Academy award nominated film, winning four Oscars including the Best Picture of 1955. Selected to the National Film Registry in 1994, Marty becomes the third film from the 1950’s to be inducted into the AmateurCinephile.com Hall of Fame.

So there you have it, the AmateurCinephile.com Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Make sure you come back next Oscar weekend when another six films are chosen for inclusion.-JL


-1920’s (1):
Metropolis, 1927
(Class of 2020)

-1930’s (3):
Bringing Up Baby, 1938
(Class of 2018)
City Lights, 1931 (Class of 2018)
Wizard of Oz, 1939 (Class of 2014)

-1940’s (5):
Casablanca, 1942
(Class of 2014)
Notorious, 1946 (Class of 2015)
The Philadelphia Story, 1940 (Class of 2020)
The Red Shoes, 1948 (Class of 2019)
The Third Man, 1949 (Class of 2015)

-1950’s (3):
Anatomy of a Murder, 1959
(Class of 2014)
Marty, 1955 (Class of 2021)
Singin’ in the Rain, 1952 (Class of 2019)

-1960’s (4):
Belle de Jour, 1967
(Class of 2017)
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 (Class of 2021)
The Leopard, 1963 (Class of 2016)
2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968 (Class of 2014)

-1970’s (6):
Cabaret, 1972
(Class of 2020)
Chinatown, 1974 (Class of 2015)
The Deer Hunter, 1978 (Class of 2017)
The Godfather, 1972 (Class of 2014)
The Godfather Part 2, 1974 (Class of 2014)
Harold and Maude, 1971 (Class of 2019)

-1980’s (6):
A Christmas Story, 1983 (Class of 2017)
Do The Right Thing, 1989 (Class of 2021)
Field of Dreams, 1989 (Class of 2018)
Hannah and her Sisters, 1986 (Class of 2014)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, 1984 (Class of 2020)
Tender Mercies, 1983 (Class of 2015)

-1990’s (8):
Before Sunrise, 1995 (Class of 2014)
Boogie Nights, 1997 (Class of 2015)
Casino, 1995 (Class of 2015)
Dazed & Confused, 1993 (Class of 2016)
Goodfellas, 1990 (Class of 2016)
Heat, 1995 (Class of 2018)
Pulp Fiction, 1994 (Class of 2014)
Rushmore, 1998 (Class of 2017)

-2000’s (14):
Almost Famous, 2000 (Class of 2014)
Before Sunset, 2004 (Class of 2014)
Brokeback Mountain, 2005 (Class of 2016
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004 (Class of 2015)
(500) Days of Summer, 2009 (Class of 2019)
In The Mood For Love, 2000 (Class of 2020)
Inglourious Basterds, 2009 (Class of 2019)
Lost in Translation, 2003 (Class of 2014)
No Country For Old Men, 2007 (Class of 2017)
Rachel Getting Married, 2008 (Class of 2018)
Road to Perdition, 2002 (Class of 2018)
Sideways, 2004 (Class of 2016)
There Will Be Blood, 2007 (Class of 2017)
Up in the Air, 2009 (Class of 2019)

-2010’s (4):
The Social Network, 2010 (Class of 2020)
Drive, 2011 (Class of 2021)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 2011 (Class of 2021)
Moneyball, 2011 (Class of 2021)

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