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2014 Moll Draft

The other day, Michelle introduced to me a film term I had never heard before, the moll. When I asked what exactly a moll was, I was informed that a moll or gun moll was the female companion of a professional criminal. For both Jason and me, one of the most beloved movie genres is […]

R.I.P. Bob Hoskins (1942-2014)


1,000 Page Views!-Thank You For Your Continued Support is only three months old, so milestones, even small ones, are moments I truly cherish. Thanks to you all out there coming to check out our postings, we just passed 1,000 page views. In internet numbers, 1,000 is a relatively small count, but for me it means so much. Through our host, I have […]

Tweet Film Society-The Criterion Collection

Written by-Jarrett Leahy Jason and I both proud members of the recently created Tweet Film Society.  As a way of honoring our collective appreciation for the gifted film company, the Tweet Film Society dedicated the month of March to The Criterion Collection.  As part of the month long celebration, the society asked each member to […]

Proud to Welcome Two New Contributors!

Written by-Jarrett Leahy I am proud and excited to announce the addition of not one but two new contributing writers to If you’ve been paying any attention to recent reviews, you’ll have noticed the recent inclusion at the bottom of the page, Edited by-Michelle Zenor. An English professor by trade, Michelle has an encyclopedic […]